What will I learn at SPEAK – Languages London

During your course you are going to get better at:

♦ improving your speaking and writing skills
♦ developing a solid knowledge of grammar
♦ learning new vocabulary
♦ working on your pronunciation
♦ practising your target language with other students and teachers


Personalised online lessons

Improve your skills or start something new with personalised Skype or 1:1 lessons tailored to your needs. Our teachers will lead you step by step so you reach your goals to be confident and fluent in your the language of your choice.

⇒ lessons via Skype (other portals are available upon request)

⇒ 100% teacher’s time is devoted to you and your learning requirements

⇒ All lesson content is tailored to you, so you can skip things you already know and take more time for difficult topics

⇒ flexible time and place (your home, teacher’s home, your favourite coffee shop, your office…)

⇒ All in all, this is the most effective way of learning a new language

Group lessons (online or face to face)

Let’s say you want to meet new people who also share the interest of a foreign language with. Why not join one of our group lessons? Group activities will help you develop your conversational skills in real-life situations.

⇒ Share your learning experience with others

⇒ make language friends and exchange culture (exchange facts about your cultures and ask questions about others)

⇒ enjoy real lie conversations (talk about work, hobbies, coffee dates … or whatever else you like)

⇒ small groups will keep the learning effect at a maximum (generally up to 5 people)

Examinations (online lessons)

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You might just need a certificate that you have a certain level of a language, we can help with that.
Of course, you need to take an exam, but we can prepare you for that. Starting from all English exams, such as KET, PET or IELTS.
But also other languages such as the German “Start Deutsch” exam, the Spanish “DELE” exam (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera), the Italian “CELI” exam (Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana), the French “TFI” exam (Test de francais international) or the general “STAMP” exams for all modern foreign languages (Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency)
We’ll help you prepare, we register you and can work with you after the exam to analyse anything that has gone wrong (if at all)

Other Services


SPEAK – Language London language school is dedicated to helping you with all “things language”. Here are just a few more things that we can do to make your lives a little easier:

♦ Looking for a new job? But your CV just doesn’t get you the one you want? We can help sparking up your CV and make you shine

♦ Need a document translated for employment or personal? We’ll help you!

♦ Still abroad, but planning to move? We offer Skype lessons, so you are ready to go and you’ll arrive with confidence

♦ SIMPLY SPEAKING – You may already speak a foreign language, but now you just want to speak to people in this language. Our teachers are happy to meet with you, just to chat, a coffee shop, in a park or a museum, anywhere, we are happy to accompany you and talk to you in the language of your choice.

♦ Anything else? If it’s got do with language, you can make sure we’ll do, Just ask us here at SPEAK – Language London