Grammar in focus

Making grammar meaningful
Grammar is the backbone of any language and an integral part of all language learning. It’s about finding patterns in language and using key structures in meaningful situations. It’s about learning how to manipulate a phrase – creating a simple sentence and then a more complex one to say what you want to say.

Right from the start, incorporating basic grammar in context gives learners the opportunity to understand how to use the language for their own needs. It doesn’t have to be dull – it can be part of an engaging, memorable learning experience.

Finding patterns
Recent research has shown that long-term memory and recall improve when learners are involved in deducing grammatical rules instead of just being told. Even if you are wrong initially, you remember more from the process. So it’s worth being encouraged to ‘find the pattern’ for yourself instead of being taught the structures first.

It’s all about providing you with fun and structured learning opportunities to work out the grammar for yourself. When you can explain it to others – then you know you’ve really got it!

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